David Gibbs

This is Our Business

Like wtf dude.
I’ll tell you this. I’m going to get somebody.
Ha. Gets shot from the side. Stupid Jerk.
Gash. Nerbit.
I need help.
I’m just going to use my pistol.
There it is right there.
Going off on some girl. On her dreamsphere, having sex with some dudes.
Who are you?
Get out your bed. Let’s play Mario Kart.
Oh. What?! How’d he? He shot through somebody.
Well, what’s this. I’m going to bring out my pro-scout skills.
Oh. Oh. Oh.
You called . . .he’s my third father.
Hawha! Whaju. Whaju.
I just got wrecked again.
This is a warm up finish, already.
Cheating. Cheating. Cheater.
Just let me finish this warm up please.
Oh man. Oh man.
I corrupted myself now.
Nooooo!!!!! Gabin’sWonderful3Chins.
Hahahaha. That’s pretty good right there.
Gabey’s mighty wonderful chins.
I’m gonna spin rip-o-reeno here.
Then throw out my gun.
I’m going to off that guy by the truck.
A rattlesnake. Got it.
Let’s go sneaky-deaky-like.
Come on. Come on.
This is scary.
Ok. Rush in. Check forklift, go!
It’s clear.
One coming, Mid.
I think we should be good here.
I think we should be, well whatever that old guy is.
Ok. Well now we got . . . I’m going to buy myself a Vulcan.
A good old one shotter here.
I don’t know why I’m doing this, but . . .
Let’s stray out.
Man I just did some team damage.
Let’s go back. Are you sure?
Poom. Poom. Poom. Poom.
Where are you playing it?
Where are you playing it?
Where are you playing it?
[sniffle] Where are you playing it?
Where’s he at?
Terrorists Win.
Oh man.
Gash. Nerbit.
Yeah, they going midday or just right there?
Oh. he’s still there.
Counter-Terrorists Win.
Oh, ho. This isn’t good.
They’re clearing rooms.
What in the world?
I think we’re being swatted.
I think we’re getting swatted.
What in the world?
Move it.
Put your hands up.
Put your hands up.
Get on the ground.
Get on the ground.
Get on the floor.
Get on the ground.
Put your hands behind your back.
Hands behind your back. Do it now.
Don’t you fucking move.
You hear me boy?
Look at the computer and give me the address.
We got one in custody.
What’s your name?
We have one in custody.
Exit on the second floor.
What? I’m streaming.
Stand right there. Don’t move.
Coming out.
This funny to you?
I’m not doing anything that’s funny.
Terrorists Win.
Hold it.
We’re the police.
Got one in custody.
Stand up.
Separate your feet.
Goose me up little booooyyy.
That’s my phone.
My bad.
Two trucks.
Just real quick. It’s over.
My phone’s ringing.
We’re staying up on second.
How many people are here?
My coworker is in the other room.
Which room?
If you go into the hall it should be the first room to the left.
So you go down the hall and take a left.
Is he not?
Who’s the gentleman downstairs?
What does he look like?
You know.
Heavy set.
He has a goatee.
Are there any weapons in here?
Terrorists Win.
Like I said there’s some big prop ones in the prop room.
They’re not real though.
They’re not real weapons.
I think I have some knives.
Ah. Eh.
Want me to call him?
Let’s just kill him.
That’s my wallet.
We should have tried to win without the bomb.
Why’d you guys do that?
It’s next to the other one.
Date of birth?
I have ah. That’s streaming right now.
That’s streaming?
So tell me why are here today?
I don’t, I don’t know.
Like I’m streaming right now.
This is our business.
I’m just sitting here, playing a game, people are watching it.
I’m You know. And.
When we were screaming why didn’t you move?
I had my headphones on.
Do you want me to show you how to stop it?
So if you use the mouse and go over to that . . .
Hit the thing right there.
You can exit out. Ok.
And if you go up to where the black screen appears.
Near the little window there.
There’s a stop streaming button.
To the right. R . . .


David Gibbs lives in Brooklyn. “This Is Our Business” is from a collection he is currently finishing.